Waste Manifest & Destruction Certificate

  • Section 1 - Generator

  • Authorizations

  • Waste Classification

    Samples will be taken by Absolute for QA/QC purposes and stored on location for 3 months.
  • Form of Waste

  • M3
  • Generator's Certification

  • Section 2 - General Disclaimer (Conditions)

    The generator is responsible to correctly classify the wastes and comply with all of the applicable requirements specified in the provincial and federal transportation regulations as well as all provincial and federal environmental regulations.
  • Section 3 - Transporation

    ***Please call (780) 240-6137 1HR prior to arrival, at all times, so we can ensure personnel are on hand for you***
  • Section 4 - To Be Completed By Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc.

    Certification: The Waste described on this manifest has been received & sampled according to Waste Screening Guidelines
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