Meet The Team

Adam Zarafshani


As a leading developer in Austin, Chicago, New York, and Southern California, Adam Zarafshani brings passion, determination, a critical eye, and sharp business acumen to every project he touches. From an early childhood residing in London, he has found himself inspired by the power of architecture and physical spaces to shape lives and last for generations to come. In his university years, he pursued finance and engineering, giving him a keen eye for both business and structural analysis. First beginning in the development of multifamily units, he expanded to cutting-edge commercial and high-end residential projects to produce many of Austin’s most noteworthy developments, redefining efficiency and luxury and building tightly knit relationships with his clients. Now with over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential developments, Adam Zarafshani brings that same attentiveness, warmth, and candor that has brought him success in his past into his current and upcoming projects. After building Disney’s media research lab in Austin, he expanded to the downtown Chicago area to customize a revolutionary media research lab for ESPN. With the engineering and construction industries at the cusp of a new era of technological standards in building designs, he has continued to redevelop his research facilities, ensuring that the labs remain at the forefront of our world’s ever-changing business enterprises. Creating custom designed technological infrastructure for research labs and other tech-companies, Zarafshani brings new applications and tools to change how companies design, plan, and execute their projects. In each of his endeavors, Adam Zarafshani initiates and develops his projects with his personal values of detail, efficiency, and integrity at the heart of every directive.

Sunil Etikela

Project Manager - Environmental Engineer

Mr. Sunil joined Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc. in 2012 as a Project Manager - Environmental Engineer and currently oversees all environmental reports for the facility (Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment Reports, Surface & Ground Water Monitoring Reports, Storm Water Management). He is responsible for the monthly volumetric submission required by the AER (Petrinex). He overseas the regulatory and compliance (AER & AESRD) for Absolute waste disposal operations, performs audits for Absolute waste disposal operations.
Sunil’s primary focus is closely integrating environmental practices with business operations to create strategic solutions that ultimately provide long-term value for the organization.
Sunil holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Windsor, Ontario. He has over five years of field and administrative experience and is committed to ongoing professional development. He is a registered member of Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) as a Biologist in Trainee (BIT) and also a registered member with Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) as an Environmental Professional (EP).